CP series towers

Unusual projects


In our offer we have our own constructions – lattice towers - families: CP-U, CP-R and CP-T1 and CP-T2, which were developed on the basis of the outcome of load capacity tests of actual scale telecommunications towers.

2 Different tower heights

The shaft of the tower was designed as a space truss with a triangular cross-section. The height of the shaft is variable, typically it ranges from 42 m to 62 m (the heights of the series towers are: 42 m; 47 m; 52 m; 57 m; 62 m ), but it can be changed and adapted to the individual needs of the Investor. 

The total height of the tower is in some cases associated with the need to make tower obstacle markings for civil and military aviation. In such situations we offer the design of obstacle marking in the form of painting (day marking) and lighting (night marking).

3 Technical platforms tailored to the investor's needs

The tower is equipped with technical platforms, as a standard, in the form of rings, providing a lot of usable space, which guarantees comfort and safety of use. Two technical platforms may be suspended at the S-1 segment level and a third technical platform at the S-2 segment level. If you need to operate your equipment at a different height, we offer the possibility to design an individual platform, tailored to the requirements of the Investor.

4 Well-proven ways to strengthen the tower

The development of technology and upgrading of the telecom infrastructure of base stations, by replacing or adding telecom equipment, often involve the need to design and implement reinforcement. In the case of "CP" series towers, we have proven solutions to strengthen the shaft of the tower and foundations, thanks to which the Investor receives a telecommunications facility that is safe in use and meets the load-bearing conditions.

5 Independent cable routes

If a tower is used by several operators, we offer separate, independent cable routes for the construction of base stations, dedicated to a given operator.