Technical report on tower structure after fire

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1 Objective - technical reports

The company Compact-Project Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. has been contracted to assess the technical condition of the existing structure of the tower (in particular its steel shaft), which was exposed to high temperatures as a result of fire in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, and to determine the conditions for its further safe use.

2 Problem description – structure exposed to high temperature

The structure of the tower was exposed to high temperatures as a result of fire in the adjacent warehouse. The analysis of photographic documentation, video materials posted on the network and the description and course of the event showed that the tower itself was not affected by the fire, but only by hot smoke that was moving in its direction. On the basis of the above analysis, the scope of works necessary to draw up the technical report included:

  • Cleaning the tower's structure of soot by manual and pressure cleaning.
  • Facility survey
  • Assessment of the vertical degree of the structure.
  • Preparing photographic documentation.

The examination of the structure showed that the structure is in overall good condition. The cables and components of the telecommunications equipment were mainly damaged. Then an assessment of the technical condition of the tower was carried out on the basis of the information collected.

3 Problem solution - technical report

In this case, the technical report consisted in assessing the technical condition of the existing tower structure exposed to high temperatures. The scope of the study included a survey of the facility, assessment of the structure's vertical degree, preparation of photographic documentation and formulating proposals.

On the basis of the assessment of the technical condition of the structure, it was found that the tower structure may still be used as a supporting structure for the base station. The technical report showed that the overall condition of the structure is good and all the damaged telecommunications equipment should be replaced and all recommendations indicated in the study should be followed.

4 Implementation – the result

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