Technical report on the damaged tower structure

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1 Objective - technical reports

The company Compact-Project Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. was contracted to assess the technical condition and load-bearing capacity of the tower's structure, after a structure was added for the purposes of modernization of the existing telecommunications infrastructure.

2 Description of the problem - damage to the surface of structure components

As a result of the survey of the facility, it was found that the tower's lower kerbs had numerous cross-section losses at the entire heights. Based on the above, before assessing the load-bearing capacity of the tower structure, a decision was made to:

  • perform ultrasonic testing to check operational damage in the structure of the material from which the kerbs are made.
  • perform magnetic-powder testing of kerb surfaces for scratches and discontinuities on the surface of components.

The results of the above tests indicated that there were no operational damages either on the surface or in the structure of the material itself. The damage spotted on the surface of kerbs is damage that appeared during the manufacture process. Then, on the basis of the results of the tests, the load capacity of the tower was analysed.

3 Problem solution - technical report

In the case in question, the technical report consisted in the assessment of the technical condition and analysis of the load-bearing capacity of the existing tower structure (with an account taken to the damage to the lower kerbs of the tower's shaft) and determination of the conditions for its further safe use. The scope of the study included a survey of the facility, non-destructive testing, preparation of photographic documentation and formulating proposals.

On the basis of analysis of the structure's load-bearing capacity, it was found that the tower structure may still be used as a supporting structure for the base station. The technical report showed that it was not necessary to replace the damaged kerbs pf the tower, provided that all recommendations indicated in the study would be followed.

4 Implementation – the result


On the basis of previous experience, Compact Project Sp. z o.o. in Łódź can be recommended as a reliable partner to perform tasks related to expert opinions and technical advice as well as construction projects.